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Our history

Our history

Rottner Tresor is an Austrian family business, which was founded in 1971 by Heinz Rottner senior. The current CEO of the company is Heinz Rottner junior who, for years,16 years to be exact he has been involved in managing and expanding the company.

The business headquarters are located in St. Georgen im Attergau, near the beautiful Attersee Lake, where we happily take care of our clients and partners concerns and wishes.


International locations

Rottner Tresor is not only represented in Austria and Germany but has grown and expanded internationally.

In all this time we have managed to tie new partnerships, have managed to build new and professional teams, build and manage warehouses in over 6 different countries.

This large network enables us to supply our customers in the shortest possible time and to look after them in the respective national language.

International locations


Our team

Our Team

At the moment the South African team of 5 employees shines every day and is taking care of our clients daily.

We create added value through our family atmosphere, which is characterized by our friendliness and motivating way of working.

We also carry this positive energy externally to our customers.



Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable with us and enjoy a unique, personal consultation.

With in-depth specialist knowledge and taking into account the customer's wishes, an individually tailored solution is worked out together - this not only makes us happy but also characterizes our special service.

Customer oriented


Rottner Security

High-quality products

Our vast range of security-related articles varies from the smallest cash box to the largest steel office cabinet, from key cabinets to gun safes.

Whether you are in need of a certified safe, hotel safe, furniture safe, wall safe, document cabinet, fireproof safe, key cabinet, safe door, deposit safe, data protection safe or a letterbox – here at Rottner Roberts Security you will find what you are looking for.


Our products



Rottner Tresor has been a reliable name in the security industry for almost 50 years and this experience benefits our customers. Due to the years of work in the security sector, we guarantee the quality of our articles and for the advice that you can rely on. We value your trust and assure you a responsible and discreet service.

Quality, security and privacy are very important to us! But we do not praise ourselves! This is what our previous customers have related. Do you want to read our references? No problem - just click on the following button.

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