American and Swiss Mailboxes

US mailboxes

American and Swiss mailboxes are meant to be used on a mailbox stand.

Both types have large capacity and offer a unique feature to your home. Being both useful and stylish the adapter complements the Swiss mailbox.

The Us mailbox is available in 3 different colours, the Swiss mailbox is available in a grey zinc or anthracite colour. The Swiss mailbox is also suitable for small parcels, using the compartment at the base.


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4 Item(s)

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American mailbox

Have you ever been to America? Then you have noticed that the American mailboxes look different. They are called Mailboxes and have a small red flag attached to the side. The mailbox is also becoming more and more popular in our part of the world.

In the assortment found at Rottner Security you will also find the matching letterbox stand for freestanding installation.

The mailbox not for anyone, but a mailbox just for you!

The mailbox comes in 3 different colors: black, white and silver


Other offers

What we have to offer in the mailbox section:

- Mailboxes with newspaper compartment

- Mailboxes without a newspaper section

- Mailboxes made of stainless steel

- Mailboxes made of plastic

- Package mailboxes

- Mailbox stands

- Newspapers holders.

These articles are offered in brown, black, red, green and white.

Find mailboxes with and without a newspaper holder.



The mailbox is intended for mounting on a mailbox stand.

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