Parcel Boxes

Parcel boxes

Parcel boxes are designed to store small parcels while the customer is away from home.

Some models have a simple bottom compartment large enough for small parcels, but without a lock, others can be left open by the customer, and locked by the delivery person after leaving the parcel inside, or have a drop slot for the parcel to drop down to the base of the parcel keeper, to be then retrieved from there by the owner.


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Parcel boxes

Online trading has become indispensable and meanwhile has also reached private households. Every day a lot of packages are delivered. Use a Rottner Security parcel box to prevent your parcel from landing at your neighbor’s address, avoid a future scenario in which you are standing alone in the corridor or just holding a slip of paper, requesting the post office to pick up the parcel from the wrong address.

Postmen or parcel deliverers can deliver their parcels properly and you do not have to go looking for them. Order now – Rottner parcel box!


How does the parcel box work

The Rottner parcel box is equipped with a throw-in device, in which the parcels can be inserted. Once dropped the throw-in device prevents the removal of the packages without authorization.

Parcels can be thrown in. If the storage space in the box is large enough, several parcels can be placed inside. The recipient has two keys and can thus remove the shipments - the packages can be removed only with the key and so your shipments are protected against unwanted access.

We recommend the use of the supplied mounting hardware and the drilling template to make the assemble process of your parcel mailbox as quick and easy as possible. Made of galvanized steel, the parcel box is anti-theft and protects your parcels against the effects of the weather and dirt. The box opens with an easy-to-use cylinder lock. The delivery includes 2 keys.


Types of parcel boxes

Our parcel boxes convince with timeless and functional design and a huge capacity.

In our assortment you will find:

  • Big and small models
  • Package boxes made of stainless steel and galvanized steel



To mount the parcel box next to the garden fence or simply freestanding next to the house please use the specially made adapter from Rottner found here. The parcel box can be easily mounted on the flat plate fixed to the stand. The Swiss mailboxes can be mounted on the stand as well.

The stand is delivered without a letterbox.

Most of our mailboxes can be mounted on a stand. Please see the stands here



Our parcel boxes close with cylinder lock. 2 keys included in the delivery.



Parcel boxes manufacturers:

  • Rottner Security
  • Home Design

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