Stainless Steel Mailboxes

Stainless steel mailboxes

Browse our large selection of Rottner stainless steel letterboxes with a chic look!

Shop with confidence and have the letterbox of your choice delivered on the next working day.

From small to large, single or dual access, with or without an integrated newspaper holder, see through windows to check post, the Rottner mailboxes have been designed to suit any need. They are locked with a high quality cylinder lock, supplied with 2 keys. Name tags can also be purchased separately, for the models which do not have one included.


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Stainless steel mailbox

It shines and it’s rust-free - you will enjoy the stainless steel mailbox for many years after your purchase. The stainless steel mailbox is also a beautiful eye-catcher in your entrance area. It not only looks good, it also perfectly protects your mail from any kind of weather.

Whether the purpose is a multi-occupancy building or a detached home, with us you are guaranteed to find the right solution. Our stock includes a wide range of models and offers solutions for all individual requirements.


Stainless steel features

Rottner Security offers a large assortment of stainless steel letterboxes. Sometimes stainless steel can found under the name Inox.

When selecting the mailbox we advise that you take into consideration the size, design, name badges, etc. All stainless steel letterboxes are weather-resistant and equipped with a cylinder lock, so that the highest level of safety is offered.

What types of stainless steel letterboxes are there? (H2)

Refine your outdoor area with a stainless steel letterbox from Rottner-Security.

In terms of design, you can choose from simple models - such as the Libro mailbox, up to designer model Harrow.

But not only visually is the letterbox convincing, the size also plays an important role - whether you are looking for a narrow mailbox or a stand letterbox - we also offer here in our product range numerous options. We have something for every requirement and every taste - choose your personal favorite.



  • Our mailboxes close by the means of a cylinder lock.
  • 2 keys are included



Various stands are available for purchasing. Please visit our website:


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