Mark Kühler - Rottner Security Expert

Germany's most popular DIY king is now working together with Rottner Tresor. He became known as a professional craftsman through various television shows. Now Mark supports us as a security expert on everything to do with safes. Whether screwing, welding or quality testing - Mark Kühler is involved in every project with full commitment and passion.

Mark Kühler Approved

Mark Kühler Approved

What does this seal mean on our products?

Rottner Security products (safes, key safes, gun safes, etc.), which you can find under MARK KÜHLER APPROVED SAFES, have been put through their paces by Mark checked. When Mark takes action, no stone is left unturned - or rather, no screw is left unturned. He tests the security products with all possible test procedures and only those that meet his high standards are awarded.

What is particularly important to Mark?

Careful workmanship, first-class quality, flawless, function - these are the criteria Mark Kühler uses to evaluate safes and safes.

Rottner safes, key safes etc. that have been awarded the MARK KÜHLER seal of approval APPROVED have been personally tested by the do-it-yourselfer and classified as recommended.

Rottner Safe & Mark Kühler - a combination that you can trust!

Mark Kühler

Rottner Security VS Mark Kühler

Can Panzerknacker Mark defeat the vault?

„I'll get you small" - Mark Kühler has subjected himself to the ultimate safe test.
He has checked our safe Imperial and everything he does to crack it, you can see in our video!


Combat weight: 82 kg

Age: 56 years

Profession: Profi Handyman


Combat weight: 398 kg

Security Class: EN-3

Fireproof: 30 minutes for paper

Behind the Scenes

Review of the video shoot in September 2020