The offer in the field of money organization is diverse and leaves nothing to chance!

A selection of cash boxes in 4 different colours, including notes and coins sorter depending on the model.

These metal boxes are suitable for petty cash, coin bags, receipts and small items under the counter.

Some cash boxes include a carry handle. The cylinder lock is supplied with 2 keys, and a separate cylinder lock can also be purchased.

The cash boxes can also be used in the Rottner safes.

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The cash box is a small lockable container for banknotes and coins, which is made of steel, delaying unauthorized access (by violence). However, larger amounts of money or other valuable things should it not be kept in cash boxes. Household content insurance usually covers only small amounts of cash secured in cash boxes.

Insurance companies recommend VdS-certified safes to store larger sums of money or valuables. However, larger safes cannot be transported.

Recommended when transporting your money to or from the bank. The cash box offers protection. It is used for safe storage and easy transportation of your notes and coins.

The robust construction of the body and the cylinder lock assures special protection for your cash.     

A cash box can be used by various companies, institutions and clubs but also in private use. Depending on the category, there is the appropriate money box.

The cash boxes are available in different colours and sizes. The colours of the cassettes range from blue, red, white to green and black. In addition, stable inserts can be added for the proper separation of the coins and banknotes. This is very convenient because it automatically allows accesses the exact number of coins. Our staff is happy to advise you and help you decide.

The cash box closes with a cylinder lock – including two keys.

There is also a model with Fingerprint: The Rottner gun box Gunmaster 1, which can be used as a cash box.

Fingerprint lock: easy opening only with finger pressure. Forgetting codes or combinations of numbers, misplacing or losing keys is a thing of the past. 60 different fingerprints can be stored.

The cash boxes all have a foldable carry handle, so they are easy to carry. A cash box is versatile and often comes in different places for use, for example at cash registers, club meetings or smaller stalls.

Various cash counting inserts and counting boards. So you always know the exact amount of money is in the cashier and if you may still need change.

The cash box should be stored so that it is not found immediately. A secure place would be in a lockable drawer or inside a safe. If you do not have this option, you should definitely hide it as best as you can.