In the extensive range of Rottner safes, you will also find Fire protection cassettes. These are containers to protect the most important documents from fire - as the name suggests. These boxes are suitable for people who have little space and therefore do not want or cannot set up a larger safe. In contrast to the safe, protective cassettes are easy to transport.

If you are still considering whether you should choose a fire protection cassette or a larger safe, you will find more details on this topic under Correct Safe Size. It is important that you choose to protect your valuables because fire have a destructive effect.

Please also contact our trained employees. The Rottner Security team is available to advise and answer your questions.

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  1. Rottner fire retardant Document Wallet A3 size
    • Outer dimension (mm) Height x Width x Depth 470 x 340 x 20
    • Weight KG 0.38
    ZAR 619.00
    incl. VAT & excl. shipping
    3 - 4 days delivery time
  2. Rottner Document Wallet A4 size fire rezistant
    • Outer dimension (mm) Height x Width x Depth 340 x 250 x 20
    • Weight KG 0.22
    ZAR 429.00
    incl. VAT & excl. shipping
    3 - 4 days delivery time
  3. Rottner FIRE DATA BOX 1 Fireproof Cassette Cylinder Lock Anthracite
    • Safety class Without security level
    • Fire Rating 30 minutes
    • Outer dimension (mm) Height x Width x Depth 165 x 382 x 324
    • Lock Type Cylinder lock with 2 keys
    • Weight KG 10
    ZAR 1,769.00
    incl. VAT & excl. shipping
    Request for delivery time
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Go straight to the pros! Find your security box at Rottner Security!

  • The ideal storage for valuables/medicines
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to transport
  • Protection against fire and heat
  • Private and commercial use possible

A security box is an optimal solution if you only have space for "a small safe". It's small, but it provides great protection for your most important documents.

They are suitable for:

• Valuables

• Cash

• Documents (passports)

• Valuable coins

• Jewelry

• Medication

• Small media.



The medicine should always be kept out of the reach of children. Keep your medication closed in a security box so that they do not fall into the hands of children and lead to disaster!

They are a "small safes", very practical and secure they can accommodate the most important documents / small valuables. They are equipped with a cylinder lock.

Suitable if there is a lack of space and of course cheaper than a bigger safe.

Security boxes are small boxes made of higher quality steel than normal cash boxes. They are built to protect from fire and heat. There have different security levels.

Security boxes are easy to transport and can, therefore, be carried away in case of need.

They are mostly used by private individuals. However, commercial use is possible.

We simply say ALL that do not have enough space for another safe, but want to keep their documents / valuables safe from theft and fire!

A very important question! Clarify with your insurance advisor in a comprehensive conversation, which values they want to insure. If you have an answer, then check with Rottner Security. We have the right solution for you!

Your most important question will probably be the one regarding fire protection. There is a special test procedure in which the safes spend several hours in a furnace. The maximum temperature is 1080 ° and is tested for a stay of 60 or 120 minutes. Furthermore, the safes are subjected to a fall test, the height of fall 9.15 m.

The list shows you which fire protection is granted for which time. A distinction is made between paper and digital format data.

Fireproofing grade

According to EN 1047-1 at the safe temperature increase


S 60 P 1 hour for paper 150 ° C

S 120 P 2 hours for paper 150 ° C

S 60 DIS 1 hour for data carrier 30 ° C

S 120 DIS 2 hours for data carrier 30 ° C.



LFS 60P 1 hour for paper 


Other fire protection classes for the safes

Fire protection degree according to EN 1047-1


UL fire test

(Underwriters Laboratories), American,

Independent and Leading Test Laboratory

There are a variety of standards and guidelines in the UL test.

Endurance test at temperatures up to 1000 ° C.

NT Fire 017 - Swedish

Fire test 90 min.

Thereafter, the temperature inside is

max. 150 ° C, well below 177 ° C,

for paper critical point.

S 60 DIS

1 hour for data carrier

S 120 DIS

2 hours for data carriers


It all might look and sound a bit confusing. Ask the experts, that's what we're here for. We will gladly inform you about the appropriate security levels of the security box.

A general answer is difficult. Search for a place where the security box is not immediately visible to everyone. But also choose a place that is easy for you to reach.

A compartment in the desk or dresser, if possible lockable, would be ideal for your security box.

Give your belongings a secure home – Rottner Security fire protection cassettes!