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Large variety of laptop safes for home or hotel use!

Rottner Security offers a variety of laptop safes for home or hotel use, with electronic lock or key lock options.

The electronic locking laptop safes also have an emergency key lock, and some models are available same locked, suitable to be used in hotels, motels and hostels.

Our safes have a modern electronic lock, easy to program and use.


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What is a hotel safe or laptop safe?

The characteristics of a hotel safe

Choose from our assortment the ideal hotel safe for you - we will advise you about the different sizes and security levels.

• Easy handling

• Compact & space saving

• Can be accommodated in pieces of furniture

• Great for hotels.

The hotel safes from Rottner-Security are easy to operate and protect against unauthorized access. The code is chosen individually by the guest and can be changed at any time.

No hotel staff is needed to open and close the safe. The employees are no longer responsible for the valuables, as has often been the case in the past. If the guest should have forgotten the code once, the small safe can be opened with an emergency opening key or a master code.

Due to the secure anchoring of the hotel safe - it is either walled in or fixed - it cannot be removed easily.


What type of lock should be used?

With a hotel safe there are two locking options. The electronic lock and the fingerprint lock. In most cases, a hotel safe closes with an electronic lock.

Electronic lock: this is the most popular option. The electronic lock is a comfortable option to secure the hotel safe. It should be noted that the lock is operated with batteries and these need changing occasionally. If the battery fails, the lock can be supplied with power from the outside. The code for the lock can be changed as often as you like.

Fingerprint: easy opening only with finger pressure. No more forgetting of codes or number combinations. Losing a key also does not matter anymore. Up to 60 different fingerprint sets can be stored.


What can be kept in a hotel safe?

The hotel safe is a special service for the guest and is also essential from a certain category of accommodation; the compact size of the safe is suitable for the hotel guest to store: passport, cash, DVD`s, jewelry, USB stick’s, camera’s, depending on the size, also tablet and laptop.


Where is the best place for the safe?

A hotel safe can either be installed discreetly in the dresser or in another piece of furniture. However, it should not be obvious at first glance; it should be placed rather hidden.


What is the difference between a hotel safe and furniture safe

Furniture safes can also be used as a hotel safe. The difference is that they are usually larger and heavier than hotel safes. Furniture safes are also available with a double-bitted lock or mechanical combination lock.

Hotel safes are not certified. Thus, they cannot be insured.


Manufacturers / Suppliers of hotel safes

Rottner Security UK can look back on many years of good cooperation with well-known manufacturers from the security industry. With products from manufacturers such as Rottner Tresor and Home Design you are always on the safe side!

Other well-known safe providers:

Burg Wächter, Hartmann Tresore, Eisenbach.


Other information:

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