Protect your important documents against fire and burglary!

Large selection of Rottner cabinets suitable for office use. The safes are tested in European testing houses.

They are high-security safes with a key or electronic lock, with no emergency lock option (but an external battery terminal). Most models are also available with a mechanical combination lock, made to order, with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. Filter options will also help find the best size for the number of folders the office safe is required to store.

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  1. Rottner Fireproof Classifier Fire File 4000 Cylinder Lock Light Grey
    • Safety class Without security level
    • Fire Rating 60 minutes
    • Outer dimension (mm) Height x Width x Depth 1500 x 545 x 653
    • Lock Type Cylinder lock with 2 keys
    • Weight KG 202
    ZAR 27,499.00
    incl. VAT & excl. shipping
    Request for delivery time
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The office cabinet or document safe protects your most important documents from:

  • Burglary
  • Destruction by fire
  • Destruction by water

Furthermore, it is an ideal place for keeping your documents in order too.

Valuables, documents, etc. are protected from destruction by fire. The maximum resistance temperature is 1000 degrees and the duration of 120 minutes if the product is exposed to the fire. (Special tests are carried out, the difference between paper documents and data carriers).

Water ingress or extinguishing foam is prevented from penetrating.

Order and review! Archive your documents; keep everything in a safe place inside an office safe!

  • Private use

    Whether you are single, live as a couple or a family – you will have plenty of documents which you want to keep secure. Starting with the birth certificate to death certificates, passports and important contracts - all these papers belong in a document cabinet.

    Some documents can be replaced in case of loss (passport), but not all of them. By keeping your documents secure you will save time and hassle. You do not have to queue at public offices or search without finding the documents you need. Personal documents are often irretrievable - the first pictures of your child, a favourite photo - off in the office safe/document cabinet!

    Commercial use

    Although the paper flood is contained, there are still enough documents left in paper form. And even earlier important documents want to be securely stored. Work orders, business cases, invoices, files on this and that - opt for a security product, choose a document cabinet! We are happy to help you with the selection.

    Do not delay buying a meaningful office safe, whether you need it for personal or business use.

    Do not buy the smallest version available, your papers do not shrink.

    Our technical staff will inform you about the different construction methods and security levels.

    Do not hesitate with your questions.

 Secure storage units without security rating/resistance grade

• S1 according to EN 14450

• Class EN 0 according to CSN EN1143-1 SZUCZ

• Class EN 1 according to CSN EN 1143-1 SZUCZ

• I according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class I ECB-S EN-1

• II according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class II ECB-S EN-2

• III according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class III ECB-S EN-3, VSÖ EN-3

• IV according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class IV ECB-S EN-4, VSÖ EN-4

• V according to EN 1143-1 Vds Class V

• V according to EN 1143-1 Vds class V KB

• Class EN 2

• Class EN 3

• Class EN 4

• Class S1

• Class S2

In the office (private area) or in a place that is easily accessible, but not immediately apparent. A visitor should not be able to spot where the document cabinet is located.

(not all types are available for each type of safe)

 The double bitted key lock – the simple option.

It locks with a key that can be lost, unfortunately. A spare key is included. You do not need to remember numbers, power and batteries are also not an issue.

 Mechanical combination lock

You do not need a key, power or battery, but a code/secret number combination.

 The electronic lock - very popular with our customers

The electronic lock works with batteries. The battery change is no problem. The emergency power supply is also available if the lock has to be opened and the battery fails. Code is interchangeable, remember!

 Fingerprint, biometrical lock

Opening by fingerprint is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, you do not have to remember anything and cannot lose anything. 60 different fingerprint sets can be stored.