Security of customer data at Rottner

Thank you for choosing a Rottner security product! We hope you have a great shopping experience on our website.

Speaking of security, have you ever wondered what happens with your personal details once you checkout and leave the site? Afraid of unwanted emails flooding in, or annoying phone calls? 

We understand your concern, as unfortunately, we hear so much about Internet fraud and data theft. The good news is, while your valuables are safe in the Comsafe security product of your choice, your personal data is also safe with us. We will not let any of your details end up in unauthorised hands. 

All data is encrypted with Rottner. This works through a mathematical process of encryption, information can only be read with coding or decoding. The name, address or other data you have disclosed to us does not appear and can not reach any other company and be used for marketing purposes.

Let us briefly explain the SSL certificate term. On our web server, there is a code which ensures that online communication runs securely. This is the SSL certificate that Rottner also has. Basically, it means that no protected data can enter the public network!

Our partners are not only customers but for example, freight forwarders or delivery companies, with whom we have had long-term satisfactory cooperation, which also ensures that no customer data is disclosed on the Internet.

Safety is important to us. We constantly work on ensuring it through our products, and on our on-line shops also.

At Rottner Security, you are safe with us!