Key safes and key cabinets with an electronic lock, with or without an emergency key lock.

Millions of code possibilities and the option to easily change the code anytime. Some key cabinets are delivered with key fobs included. A fixing kit is included with every product. The larger sizes of the Keytronic range also have a lockable drop slot at the side, for easy storage of keys without having to access the safe.

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The electronic key safe by Rottner is secured with an electronic lock. The code can be set in person with the possibility to change it arbitrarily. The operation is simple. The keypad consists of large and easy to read buttons. You can leave your glasses in your pocket!

An electronic lock is a convenient and easy way to open the safe by means of a code. Batteries provide the safe with continuous voltage.

In case you forget your code, stay calm, with most systems a mechanical emergency opening is possible.

Rottner Security offers a selection of 27 different systems that are suitable for both domestic uses and for businesses.

The price range varies from smaller handy models priced at £67.70 to larger safes priced at £7158.20,

Rest assured at Rottner Security you will find something suitable!

In addition, our team has a high level of expertise and can provide valuable advice to meet individual requirements.

The smallest key cabinet with electronic lock has room for five large keychains and has a solid construction. For domestic use, this safe is always sufficient. So if you want to be safe at home and own a key safe which is easy to use, order now a convenient priced key cabinet.

The Rottner key cabinet S 200 EL is available with for wall mounting and it comes with PVC coloured free key fobs. Different models in different sizes are also available.

If the fire protection is important for you, then the Rottner  Fire Key 20 with electronic lock is the right choice. It can be fixed to the wall by means of two rear pre-drilled holes.

When keys have to be safely stored, especially attractive is the Rottner Keytronic key safe. Suitable for hotels, garages, property management or similar the Keytronic is equipped with a slot in which the keys can be deposited; simply insert the keys through the slot; the owner of the keys can retrieve them by means of a code. The keys inside are well protected. In addition, this key safe has an electronic lock withmechanical emergency opening.

Alternatively, for the need to deposit keys, the key management system > Keysystem 6 is also available. This key cabinet has an emergency opening key for the entire key management system.

The Rottner key safe ST 70 EL Premium with adjustable hook strips (100 hooks per bar) with an intermediate wall and the electronic lock is one of the larger systems. Available withmechanical combination lock and double bitted key lock. A selection of different is also available.

And if you want it to go even further quality wise, the Rottner key safe STD 1200 EL Premium for 1200 keys with electronic lock and precision telescope display is available with the partition walls. The hook strips are height adjustable and the model has tested burglary protection and limited fire protection. Again, models of different sizes are available.

As you can see, if you want a safe with an electronic lock Rottner Security has a large selection available, reasonable price ranges and competent customer service!

The professional-grade Rottner key safe STS 100 EL Premium features an individually designed interior with push-in walls and light fire protection. He must be anchored in the ground. Due to its weight, a concrete slab is needed. It is available in different sizes.