The Rottner Roberts Security fire safes offer up to 120 minutes of fire protection. Higher rated safes usually have fire testing LFS 30, LFS 60, S60P or S120P.

European fire protection tests are meant to prove that in the event of a fire, the documents and valuables inside the safe would still be intact for the length of time specified. The number 30, 60 or 120 indicates the minutes of fire protection.

Fireproof safes have special insulation between the walls and a fire fold around the full perimeter of the door. Rottner Roberts Security fire safes are the best option if you would like to keep your belongings safe from fires.

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If fire protection is the key to choosing your safe, then you should definitely choose to purchase a fireproof safe or fireproof deposit box at Rottner Security.

Paper is highly inflammable and therefore requires special safekeeping. Protection against heat and humidity for paper and digital data must be guaranteed. Fireproof safes are perfect for protecting your documents and valuables in the best possible way.

High-quality refractory material, which is carefully tested, ensures that your documents will not be damaged even in the event of a fire.

Fireproof safes are available in various sizes and levels of security at Rottner Security. From basic protection to certified protection up to 120 minutes in case of fire - at Rottner Security, you will find the right solution. Details about the security levels of our safes can be found in our security level sheet. Our trained staff will gladly inform you and answer your questions about safes. Do not hesitate to contact us.


The list of fireproof safes is long. Find the right fire protection vault with us. Safes, cabinets or security boxes with fire protection are characterized by:

• Fire-proof storage of valuables

• Suitable for private and commercial use (protect folders and/or digital data)

• Recommendation for the General Data Protection Regulation


Fireproof safes ensure an optimal protection of your valuables, documents, A4 folders, contracts or documents against a possible fire.

Here you will find fireproof safes, which, thanks to the high-quality materials used to ensure protection from open fire, heat and moisture for your important documents or for your digital data. In our large product range, you will find all the desired security solutions that are adapted to your individual needs. Available with an electronic lock, mechanical combination lock or double-bitted security lock.

Certified fire protection can be found in the different categories of safes: medicine safes, data safes, document cabinets, deposit safes, furniture safes, key safes, protective cassettes, wall safes and home safes.

The fire test is carried out separately and independently of the burglary protection test; the fire protection test is also documented and awarded with an extra badge. On the inside of the door, a sticker is attached (certificate) of an approved institute, only this can prove the necessary security to the user. The buyer should only consider these plaques.

The test is done by means of the unit temperature-time curve (ETK) with a maximum at 1080 ° C over 60 (S 60) or 120 (S 120) minutes; including heating and cooling phase. The stay in the furnace takes several hours. A drop test is included in the test - the hot safe is dropped from a height of 9.15 m into a gravel bed.


There are different classifications:



The safes are tested using a special process of the official Civil Engineering Materials (MPA) in Braunschweig to check the fireproof characteristics. A special fire testing room is used in which the safes are subjected to a fire test in combination with a fall test. Many known testing institutes, such as VdS, ECB-S etc., use this fire protection test EN 1047-1 from the MPA in Braunschweig and certify their products such as the gun cabinets or safes.


The "Braunschweig Test" is divided into two parts and always uses two identical cabinets.


In Part 1, the safe, or gun cabinet must pass a fire resistance test. The temperature increases in this period to the maximum. A sensor inside the cabinet measures the temperature and in order to pass the test, the inner temperature is not to exceed the maximum allowed.


In Part 2, a thermic shock and impact test must be passed. The safe or gun cabinet is heated to 1090 ° C within 30 minutes. Thereafter, within 4 minutes, a fall test from a height of 9.15 meters on a gravel or gravel bed. After the fall test, the safe or gun cabinet is again heated to 840 ° C for 30 minutes. Subsequently, the cabinet remains in the fire room until a clear cooling has taken place.


Fireproofing grade according to

EN 1047-1


Temperature increase

S 60 P

1 hour for paper

150° C

S 120 P

2 hours for paper

150° C

S 60 DIS

1 hour for digital data support

30° C

S 120 DIS

2 hours for digital data support

30° C



LFS 60P 1 hour for paper



Fireproofing grade according to EN 1047-1

UL fire test (Underwriters Laboratories), American, independent and leading test laboratory

There are a variety of standards and guidelines in the UL test.

NT Fire 017 – Swedish fire test

90 min. Endurance test at temperatures up to 1000 ° C. Thereafter, the temperature inside is max. 150 ° C, well below 177 ° C, the critical point for the paper.

S 60 DIS

1 hour for digital data support

S 120 DIS

2 hours for digital data support

ETL - water resistance 1 hour

Completely submerged for 1 hour at most 0.5 grams (8 drops) of water

Which lock is the best?

The following 4 lock options are available. The following overview of the different lock types gives general information. Also, of course, feel free to contact us for further information.

There are four options for the type of lock:

• The double-bitted key lock - is the easiest way to secure the fireproof safe - you cannot forget the security code! Two keys are supplied with the lock - please note that the keys must be stored in such a way that they are protected against unauthorized access. Because of the key-keeping clause or the high risk of theft of the key, insurance companies recommend the mechanical combination or electronic lock.

• The mechanical combination lock works without power supply and without battery. Any change of the secret numbers can be made at any time (only the code owner can make the code change possible!). The safe owner does not need a key and has no risk of loss.

• The electronic lock: this is the most attractive option. The electronic lock is a comfortable way to secure the weapon cabinet or safe. It should be noted here that the lock works with batteries and these changing occasionally. If the battery fails, the lock can be supplied with power from the outside. The secret number combination can be changed as often as you like.

 Fingerprint (biometrical): ensures the fast opening only with finger pressure. No more forgetting of codes or number combinations. Even the misplacing or losing keys is no longer an issue. Up to 60 different fingers can be stored.

Tip: weigh the pros and cons of the 4 different locks for yourself

What do you want to keep in it?

In a fireproof safe you can store smaller and larger items. What size is useful and necessary, should be carefully considered:

Private: There are smaller fireproof safes for smaller, important valuables such as jewellery, passports or cash. Inside appropriately certified cabinets also data carriers such as DVD's and USB sticks can be stored.

Larger fireproof safes can be used for A4 files and documents, but they can also be used as weapon cabinets.

Commercial: Companies can store folders and documents (such as business license, service contracts, etc ...).

If you want to use the cabinet for folders, you should first consider how much folder space should be - there are different sized models - the space ranges from small cabinet for 5 folders to the cabinet with space for about 20 folders - depending on Requirement. Since the vault is in use for a long time, it should not be forgotten that the number of folders will become more and less over time!

Tip: Consider the purpose: for what things and how much stuff you want to give in the safe.

Once you have decided on a fireproof safe, the question arises, where do I install it?

It is very important to find the right location for your safe. The site should not be visible to everyone, the fewer people know where your safe is, the safer your valuables are.

For your fireproof safe, fireproof document cabinet, fireproof security box, and fireproof data cabinet, it's especially important to find a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight, as the fire protection insulation of the vault will respond to a temperature increase. In addition, you should not place your safe in rooms with high humidity.

An ideal location for your safe is an office or bedroom since burglars suspect that location for valuables and search first. By doing so, you will avoid the devastation your entire home as the burglar will focus on the vault.

Also, pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of your ceiling. The weight of the safe should not exceed this in any case.

Rottner-Security can look back on many years of good cooperation with well-known manufacturers from the security industry. With products from manufacturers like Rottner Tresor, Sentry and Sentry Safe you are always on the safe side! At Rottner-Security you will find the highest quality and also unlimited security.