Rottner Roberts Security has a wide range of high-quality safes on offer. Our assortment includes home safes , high-security safes ,

wall safes, deposit safes and electronic safes. In our product overview, you will also find high-quality key storage systems.

Rottner Roberts Security provides a variety of different fire protection and burglary protection levels, certified according to European Standards. You can choose a safe with a DB key lock or an electronic lock. Don't hesitate to use our filters on the left side!

Most of our products are produced by the Austrian company Rottner Tresor, but we also have a range of Sentry Safes, including fire chests and boxes and fireproof and waterproof safes.

We do have safes in several different colours but our anthracite products are the most popular ones.

At Rottner Roberts Security you will find a safe for all means of use. Let us assist you in protecting your documents and valuables. Our trained team will be happy to help you with your choice and will find the right answer to your questions.

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At Rottner Security, there is a right safe in different versions for almost every need. With certainty, the safe you are looking for is found here.

The furniture safe, for example, is an attractive, space-saving option, since this type of safe is integrated into a piece of furniture. For example, inside cabinets, desks or cupboards. If the safe is correctly anchored inside or on the piece of furniture the forced removal is almost impossible. The thief would have to take the whole piece of furniture with him.

The fire safe is, as the name suggests, particularly appropriate when fire protection is a crucial factor for the selection of the safe. For example, digital data and paper documents are safely protected inside the safe. The high-quality refractory material is available in different security levels, from basic protection to certified protection up to 120 minutes in case of fire. There is something for every need!

Rottner safes are available in various security levels, classes and resistance lines. The selection is great. The safes are made of burglar- and fireproof material and ensure safe storage of the contents such as valuables or documents. Whatever is kept inside the safes is protected from fire and thieves!

The wall safe, as the title suggests, is walled indirectly. Wall safes are also suitable for the storage of valuables. Rottner Security offers a large assortment of wall safes in different sizes and security levels. Of course, these safes are made of burglar- and fireproof material. Due to the integration into the wall, a theft of this vault is hardly possible.

Inside data protection safes, for example, external hard disks and digital data carriers are kept safe. In most cases the loss of data is irretrievable. Inside the cabinet, the heat-sensitive electronic data experience optimum protection against fire, gas or extinguishing water. The selection of privacy cabinets at Rottner is huge! We offer articles for both commercial and private use.

The office safes by Rottner can be used in hotels, in offices and private homes. The office safes offer enough storage space for documents or folders. Different sizes and security levels are offered, so that individual needs are met.

The deposit safe has a slot in which cash or receipts can be thrown in. Only authorized individuals can remove or retrieve the content.

The hotel safe is specially designed for hotel rooms and they provide guests with the utmost protection for their property. Hotel safes are easy to use and open by individual code. Thus, the guest is independent of the opening hours of the reception. Of course, the hotel safes are found in different sizes.

For key storage, Rottner Security offers various solutions, ranging from key cabinets to a key safe, and emergency key boxes and key dispensers. You can find something for every need and every budget!

The vertical cabinet by Rottner Security saves space, offers protection against fire and at the same time ensures clear storage of important documents and valuables. A security lock protects against theft and the various levels of security offered to meet individual needs.

Rottner also offers cash boxes and cassettes made of steel which are a useful tool for the storage and transportation of money. For different needs, different solutions can be found!

The gun cabinets found here, at Rottner Security are suitable for the storage of firearms. The positioning of these cabinets must be out of the reach of unauthorized persons and children! Rifles, shotguns, handguns and/or ammunition can be securely stored in these safety containers.

In short: if the purchase of a safe is considered, Rottner Security is the appropriate place to find what you are looking for!